K12 Market Consulting

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The EduExcellence Advantage for businesses
serving th e k-12 education market

Having an in depth experience and a strong reach in Indian schools

We know what school business officials are looking for from a vendor partnership. K-12 can help your company refine product offerings, marketing approaches, target market identification and strategic marketing plans.

We can help create your strategic marketing plan for school reachouts or we can help your marketing department by giving specific market insights. The benefit of using EduExcellence is that we understand the market in depth.

We have our roots embedded in the K12 market. We add no employment costs. We work for you on a contract that is project specific. We don’t just provide consulting services but we compliment our consulting with our marketing and reachout platforms where the businesses can actually create connection with their target audience.

Demand a customized proposal and we will create one for your organization.

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