5th Annual Leadership Conclave - Puri 2018

By: Edu Excellence 03 October, 2018

                                                    Roadmap to a World Class School

The essence of this program is to strip away all that which inhibits your inner explorer creator,and,educator and let you become inspired by a creatively stimulating envirnment with us


this workshop aims at clearning your thought process and empowering your team and you to move swiftly on the path of the improvement .the 5-day workshop promises to be an exhilarating experience and we invite you to participate in this endevor.. 


The workshop carried the participants through an evolutionary journey of creating a pathway for moving from the current state to the desired state (of becoming a world class school)


1) Vijay Kumar Singh

2) Devika Nadig

3) GS Madhav Rao

4)Harish Chaudary