16th International Study Visit for school leaders

Learning from the education system of Australia

Sydney, Australia
9th June - 16th June 2019
Conference Topic
Conference Topic


  • EduExcellence provides an inclusive study tour, where the participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the Australian Education systems and their Society and Culture.

  • Guided visits to different types of schools: from pre-primary to the upper comprehensive school, small, large, special needs.

  • Opportunities to become familiar with each school's modus operandi & areas scheduled for development.

  • Participation in the school's day-to-day classroom, meal time, etc.

  • Opportunities to interact with teachers and students and get an overview of their experience.

Who Should Attend

01 School Owners & Trustees

02 Principals & Vice-Principals

03 Directors & Managers

04 School Teachers

Who Attend