You can now carry chocolates inside board exam centres: CBSE

By: Admin 27 February, 2017

All the candidates with type-1 diabetes will now be allowed to carry sugar tablets, chocolate, candy and water bottles among other things inside the exam centres.Keeping in mind the health of all the CBSE students suffering from diabetes who are all set to appear for examination in few weeks, the board has recently announced some exceptions for the same.

Now, all the candidates with type-1 diabetes will now be allowed to carry sugar tablets, chocolate, candy and water bottle among others inside the exam centres.

According to  PTI reports, this order from the board came in after the chairperson of the Delhi Diabetes Research Centre, Dr Ashok Jhingan, approached the board with the results of a study conducted on Kendriya Vidyalaya students.

Here's what the study revealed? 

The study found that patients who depend on insulin injections suffer from headaches, irritability and confusion because of their low sugar levels.

On the basis of the study, four KV schools had allowed the students with type-1 diabetes to have a mid exam snack. 

Excerpts from CBSE circular:

  • The board decided this exemption as these "children need frequent meals to avoid hypoglycemia which is a danger for the life since it leaves them demotivated and frustrated"
  • "A significant number of children suffer from Type-I diabetes and need insulin injections at regular intervals to keep their blood glucose levels in check," the circular added
  • The food items shall be kept with the concerned invigilators at the examination centres, who, on their need, shall hand over the edibles to the candidates

List of items that need to be carried:

  • The board stated that these children can carry items which are divided into four categories
  • Diabetic students will also be allowed to have banana/apple orange, sandwich and a 500ml bottle of water

However, the candidates need to submit a certificate from a diabetic specialist along with full diabetic history, nature of diabetes and they need for the snacks during examination, which shall be forwarded by the principal of the student's school.


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