Two-year-olds in Mumbai are taking coaching to clear nursery admissions

By: Admin 27 February, 2017

In a bid to take admission in top schools of the Mumbai, two-year-old kids are going for interview coaching classes. Parents are spending 'lakhs' of rupees for these coaching classes. And it's not that they have just started sending their kids for coaching classes, many kiddos are attending classes from couple of years.

However, fact remains that it is illegal to interview kids for school admission.

How do these classes take place?

  • As reported by The Huffington Post, these classes are usually held under the radar-- teachers don't usually advertise them openly, but everybody knows about them. And there is always a huge demand

  • Some teachers politely call these classes "GK classes" or "conversation classes."

Meanwhile, call it whatever; these classes would somewhere create a mental pressure on kids. But parents seems ignorant to the psychological needs and learning capabilities of kids at this age.

Moreover, it looks like getting admission in these coaching classes is more difficult than getting admission in schools.

Tough to take admission in coaching:

  • According to reports, the teachers of these coaching classes mostly pick and choose students they are willing to "train"

  • In each class, there are about 12 kids getting interview training


Centres claiming 100 per cent guaranteed admission in school:

In addition to this, some centres claim to be specialists in getting admission into particular schools such as Cathedral and John Connon School or JB Petit High School For Girls.

Illegal to interview kids

  • According to government guidelines, it is illegal for schools to interview children as part of the admissions process

  • Planning a smarter move, the schools have stated these sessions as "child interaction sessions" or "child observation sessions"

Meanwhile, according to IANS, the nursery admission which began in the national capital after great hue and cry will receive Delhi High Court verdict on February 27 regarding an appeal filed by the AAP government, challenging a single-judge order that stayed its nursery admissions notification compelling 298 private schools, built on public land, to adopt only neighbourhood criteria.


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