Reliving the memories of 5th Annual Leadership Conclave - Puri 2018

By: Admin 31 July, 2019

To break the boundaries and think ahead, to get the clear vision, direction, planning and feedback. To go through the journey in subtle steps of learning, planning and implementation.

Our 5th Annual Leadership Conclave in Puri gave 6 steps for ‘Roadmap to the world class school’. The workshop was aimed at clearing the thought process and empowering the team as a school moves swiftly on the path of improvement. 

Well, we weren’t working the whole day, we started our days with beach yoga refreshed and excited to learn. The journey was filled with thrilling visit to Chilika Lake, mesmerizing light show at Konark Temple and a soothing break at 1 of the char dham - Jagannath Temple

Learnings are important too, thus leading to our discussion of Robert Marzano model. While as the practical side took over, all the participants prepared an action plan to be executed in their schools constructed on their learning from the conclave, based on certain goals prioritised according to their needs. The action plans were shared with the whole group to get feedback.


We are back again with an exhilarating experience- the 6th Annual Leadership Conclave in Goa, discovering “How India’s Best School keep getting better?” The sojourn will be low on theory and high on experience, the learnings from your own challenges and solutions from the best leaders.