NEP: What matters is its implementation on the ground level?

By: Admin 26 June, 2019

NEP: What matters is its implementation on the ground level?


India’s education system still follows the one-size-fits-all policy. The draft NEP, 2019 works on the same lines too. 

The new policy also, builds on the same five foundational principles, that is, accessibility, affordability, equity, equality and accountability. 

But are the principles followed as the schools still lag behind. 

The focus always has been on what has happened in the education sector, and we can be assured of two things: increase in enrollment due to the provision of mid-day meal and improvement in infrastructure. However, increase in quantity does not ensure quality.[click here for more]

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The learning levels have dropped down in past years in spite of a lot of investment. Increase in the number of teachers does not help in improving the quality as well. Even many of them aren’t qualified, yet they are teaching.

The RTE Act, 2009 primarily focuses just on inputs and not on outcomes. The norms recommended by the act are considered far removed from ground reality, proposing to employ one policy to a diverse country like India. 

Anil Swarup, in an article in HT, recommends, “instead of a policy, an action plan for each state is required”. This will cater to each state’s needs. 

Setting state specific goals, based on the needs, and achievement of those goals will help in solving individual level problems and thus, improving the quality. The roles of each entity here need to be clearly defined. The whole process need to be clearly laid down. Some principles, for example, the foundational principles can remain same however intervention for each state need to vary according to the requirement.  

The policy proposals provides “food for thought”, however what matters is it’s implementation on the ground level.


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