What is Tuition fees? How much should it be?

By: Admin 17 December, 2018

What percentage of total fees should constitute tuition fees and what constitutes tuition fee of a school?

As per the recent judgment of the apex court in different cases, school management holds maximum autonomy to decide what should be the fee structure and what should be the percentages of different types of fees in the total fee structure. This is done so that schools can structure their own fees according to what are their costs and expenditures for different domains of fees.Thus, different schools have different percentage of tuition fees.

Some facts about tuition fees:

  • It may vary from 30% -70% of total fees
  • It generally includes salary of the teachers
  • Can be charged annually, bi-annually, or quarterly according to the school’s discretion

The only mandatory condition for schools is that the fees should be structured such that it does not amount to profiteering and the schools can only have a reasonable surplus which is around 6% - 15% of the gross revenue.  

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