Keep ward's textbook at home: Schools to parents

By: Admin 21 August, 2018

Reiterating its stand on reducing weight of school bags in its affiliated schools, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has sent another circular to schools to not give homework to students up to Class II. The circular has come as a relief to various parents in Tricity whose wards have been getting homeworks on regular basis including projects despite being told by CBSE not to give give homework in 2016. Following CBSE’s circular, certain schools on Saturday sent out a circular to parents asking them to keep their wards’ textbooks at home. Parents were asked to only send tiffin and school diary in the school bags from Monday.

CBSE has stated, “CBSE affiliated schools must satisfy the Board’s advisories regarding school bags and no homework to the students up to Class II.”

According to parents, school teachers are of the view that it is a parent’s responsibility to make sure that children revise lessons for which homework is given. “Teachers are busy finishing class lessons in a hurry without giving a thought to whether students are understanding the taught concepts or not. They expect parents to do the main task by giving homework,” said Pankaj Sharma, parents of Class 1 student of private school.

Amit Kumar, a parent whose ward is studying in a Zirakpur-based school, said, “My son is in Class II now and since kindergarten he has been getting homeworks. Most of the assignments were done by us. There should be a limit to homeworks.”

Schools said that they are already working towards ensuring light bags till class II. Jaya Bhardwaj, principal at Hansraj Public School in Panchkula, said, “ We are working on implementing a system that ensures lighter school bags. We only give activity-based homeworks.”

In a reality check conducted in October, 2017, TOI, along with Chandigarh Parents association, went around Chandigarh and weighed bags of different students of classes I to IX. It was found that most students, especially of junior classes, were carrying bags weighing as much as two to five kilograms. A total of 72 schools bags were weighed, along with their body weight, and except for nine bags all were over 10% of child’s body weight.


Source: Times of India