CBSE may send question paper codes to centres just before exams

By: Admin 13 June, 2018

If the recommendations of a committee formed after the paper leaks this year are accepted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), it will not print question papers in advance but will send CDs to the exam centres.

CBSE had come under attack after the economics paper for the Class XII exams was leaked in March 2018, affecting lakhs of students, followed by that of the Class X mathematics paper. While the board ordered re-examination for economics, it decided not to do so for maths.

The committee was set up by the ministry to examine the process by which CBSE conducts examinations and recommend measures to make the Boards leak-proof.

The seven-member panel, headed by former HRD secretary Vinay Sheel Oberoi, is likely to recommend printing of question papers at the centres an hour ahead of the exams. According to Mr. Vinay oberoi:

  1. Question paper CDs will be provided to the centres but they will get the passcode to access them just an hour before the exam.
  2. Entry and exit restrictions will be in place by that time. Although, the board will have to take care of the issues such as malfunctioning of printers or their capacity to print a large number of papers in large centres,


HRD secretary Anil Swarup said, “Today, technology allows us to improve the situation. And we have to see that it (paper leak) is not repeated, keeping in mind that there are smarter people. From next year, it will be our endeavour to ensure that there is no such leak.

Another suggestion discussed by the committee is to complete the exam within four weeks.

How will that work? A committee member explains

One way to go about this is to conduct exams of courses which have very few takers in these students' school itself, said an official.

For example, there were only three students who opted for Musical Production and one who took Fundamentals of Nursing in 2018.

Conducting tests of these students before others can help to complete the board exam in a month. The board offers 168 courses in Class 12 and 70 in Class 10, which is why exams stretch for over seven weeks. However, reducing the time-span will mean a lot of logistical juggling.


Will CBSE follow the ICSE route?

The panel also discussed whether CBSE should follow the ICSE and IB route of allowing students to pick only pre-determined baskets of subjects, instead of any permutation and combination. In other boards, students have the choice to choose from 30-35 such assemblage of subjects.

Few other suggestions given by the committee to reduce leaks was to doubly encrypt the question paper and water-marking papers depending on the centers. In case a paper is leaked, it would be easier to identify the source.


Source: Times of India