The Round Square: Moving Beyond Academics and Thinking Differently

By: Admin 10 May, 2018

“There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.”

 – Kurt Hahn

Internationalism-Experiential Learning-Environmentalism-Adventure-Leadership Service


These are the values that the Round Square stands for, and aims to inculcate in a network of schools stretched in over 50 Countries over 6 continents.

Often we see students coming to school, sitting in their regular classes, bored of following the same routine. There is no zeal on their faces, but the burden of classroom studying, and the pressure of getting education for the sake of making it to a good college.

The Round Square is an organization that aims to bring this lost enthusiasm back into the lives of students and offers schools a framework for excellence and continuous improvement, along with structured opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with like-minded peers around the world.

What is the Round Square?

Round Square is a not for profit membership network, registered as a charity in the UK and governed by a Board under the Presidency of His Majesty King Constantine. The Round Square Management Team has a worldwide office in Windsor, UK and Regional Support Managers based and working with the network in each of the RS regions.

How does it change Schools?

The Round Square is a network of like minded schools. Each school shares - and benefits from others’ - ideas, methods, experience, opportunities, locally, regionally and internationally. Collaborative initiatives include local, regional and international.

The organization organizes conferences that provide outstanding personal development opportunities, enhancing social and leadership skills, broadening intercultural understanding and forging lifelong friendships.

The Round Square is also famously known for organizing School Exchange Programs that give oppurtunities to students and teachers to meet people from another background and learn from them.

Another marvelous feature of the Round Square is the RSIS Project, in which the Students work together with a rural community in need to build a vital piece of infrastructure. In the past this has been classrooms, accommodation for teachers, bridges and clean water systems.

Participating in a School Debate and winning it might give a sense of confidence to the student.

Being a part of the School Cricket team and winning an inter school match might make the team blissful.

But meeting with people from different backgrounds, interacting with them, and getting a chance to learn from experiential learning gives the students a different confidence, sense of leadership and interacting skills they never thought they could have.

Endless Students have benefited from the opportunities provided by the Round Square, and wish to experience these things in their everyday life.

From the euphoria brought by an intense Adventure Sport activity to the thrill of getting to know about a different culture, the Round Square has been successful in making students grow in a wonderful way.

How to become a part of the Round Square?

  • To register interest in applying to become a Round Square Candidate School or for more information on membership, complete a Membership enquiry form on the Round Square’s website.
  • The Membership Manager will then contact you with more information on what is involved in becoming a candidate school, and the commitments and responsibilities involved in the school’s Round Square journey.
  • The School will be sent information to guide them in preparing their school for the application. In the first instance the School’s approach to the six Round Square pillars, or IDEALS, and the school plans to develop and integrate its offering in these six areas will be looked at. Round Square has a support team in place which can help guide you through this process.
  • You will then be ready to complete your application for membership. Once a completed application form is submitted, and has been reviewed, the next step is usually a telephone call between the Round Square Regional Trustee or another nominated Head, often from the closest current member school to yours, to discuss the application and highlight any areas that require more work.
  • A follow-up visit by Round Square to the school follows this conversation, and the resulting written report accompanies the application form when it is passed to the Regional membership meeting for review and a decision.
  • Following a successful application process you will join Round Square as a Candidate School.

The Scindia School is one school that has benefited from the opportunities provided by the Round Square to give it’s students an enriching experience.

The Scindia School aims to provide a conductive atmosphere which enables each child to realize his potential and talents. The schools instills in each child a desire for excellence, a secular ethos, care for the less privileged, love for adventure and sensitivity towards the environment. It creates scholars and sportsmen who can steer India in its path of progress.

The Scindia School sends its students to the Round Square member schools every year on exchange programs where the students get an opportunity to develop skills like leadership, dynamism, public speaking, general management. We believe this really helps in the overall personality development of the student. The young adults who pass out are equipped with the necessary skills which make them the leaders of tomorrow.


To experience and understand the impact that Round Square has had on the Scindia School, you can visit it this July!