The Scindia School: A place of diversity and versatility

By: Admin 09 May, 2018

The morning begins with the sound of melodic trumpets blowing and the chirping of birds. A commotion begins in the hostel, and faces smile at each other, happy to wake up to another beautiful morning.

There are firm guidelines on cleanliness and hygiene, so all of them hurry to take a bath and dress up with ironed clothes. As they reach the School, the prefect checks everyone’s nails and polished shoes.

Happy faces approach the grounds to begin their day with a joyous prayer, and take the blessings of the Principal.

The Classes begin, and so do the Outdoor activities. From skating to archery to swimming, the enthusiastic children are seen to be making stone portraits and robots. One could feel the air having a feel of excitement and curiosity.

As the evening comes, the children wear white kurtas and gather in the amphitheatre to sit in Five minutes of silence, praying. There is complete peace and the silent natural sounds in the background. It’s an experience that transforms you.

A day at the Scindia School, Gwalior is unlike the day at any other school. It comprises of an environment so friendly and ecstatic that both the teachers and students take every day as a new growing experience, learning from each other and moving towards a better tomorrow.

What is it about Scindia that makes it the second-best Boarding School of India?

What is it about Scindia that has made it stand out since 1897?


Outside Academics...

Unlike many schools in India, the Scindia School thinks that co-curricular activities play a great role in the overall development of a student.  They are much more than mere recreational activities; they provide important directions to a student on his journey to self-discovery. These activities hone the softer skills, the aesthetic senses, design consciousness, a sensitivity of feelings, the dignity of labor, teamwork, and link the physical skills to the mind and to the emotion.

The Scindia School has a variety of activities, societies, and clubs that help the students discover their talent. Out of the many, a few that stand out are:

  • The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS)

The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) has grown from small beginnings and a rapidly increasing number of students are being educated on the different aspects of water safety. Drowning prevention, methods of handling the drowned, and the art of resuscitation, known as the Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) are taught to the students.

  • Robotics

The Robotics hobby teaches the schoolboys to seamlessly blend design, construction, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer programming. Further, skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and application, get enhanced through the art of robotics.

  • Business Bee Club

The idea of this Club originated in the Business study classes. The members discuss contemporary economic issues, study and understand business models and develop the confidence to evaluate business matters.

  • Archery

The Archery set functions for 90 minutes every day, including 30 minutes of exercise and balancing with dry shoots, dry balancing, breathing exercises, and warm up, and the balance 60 minutes for the dedicated training session. Since the sport is physically and mentally demanding, the archers train in pranayams and breathing exercises and undergo physical activity specific to archery to increase strength and endurance.

  • Aero Modelling

Aero modeling is a creative hobby where students learn the basics of flying. While designing and building a flying model, the students also get a practical understanding of the fundamental principles of physics. 

Society Before Self...


The Scindia School is particularly known for following the motto of Society before Self and inculcates this value in every student of the school. Some of the programs that the school has taken up in the recent years are:

  • Green Initiatives

In a world of depleting resources and rising population, to reduce one’s carbon footprint, the School has taken steps to create awareness among the students. To combat the problem of water scarcity, the school has set up water harvesting units and increased the supply by 40%. Additionally, the school has grown many plants.

  • Nanhi Kala

The Scindia School adopted 8 girls in 2011-12 to support their education. Four of the staff members also adopted one girl each. Since then the School has not looked back. Many of our teachers with the support of our students have been working towards the education of underprivileged girls.

  • Social Service League

Various camps such as the blood donation camps, programmes for the differently abled, eye donation camps which gave the power of vision to more than 400 people, have been conducted by this League. Computer awareness programmes in various schools for the differently abled have also been held. A vasectomy camp for the villagers of Sonsa organized by the school was another great success.

Including those With Special Needs...

The Scindia School believes in the principles of Inclusive Education. The School has achieved great results by identifying these needs and introducing appropriate modifications in school policy, structure, and curriculum to suit the needs of the students whose pattern of learning is different. The students with Special Education Needs are encouraged to study with the mainstream.

As a school policy, at the beginning of each session, a standardized spelling test is conducted to screen and identify children with possible learning difficulties. Once identified, structural changes are introduced in the students’ daily schedule to accommodate special classes. A system of parallel classes has been incorporated to teach subjects like Mathematics and Physics for senior classes. This is part of the exclusive setup.

Maintaining Silence...

One of the defining features of the Scindia School is Astachal. Every evening, come the twilight hour, dressed in crisp white kurta pajamas, the boys assemble in the amphitheater called Astachal, the spiritual watering hole of our school. There they meditate in silence and maintain minutes of silence.

This enables them to appreciate the value of peace and understand the true meaning of Spirituality.

All these unique features make Scindia School one of the best schools in India- and it gives the children a growing experience unlike any other.