CBSE Declares the result for JEE MAINS

By: Admin 03 May, 2018

As the wait for over 12 lakh students came to an end on Wednesday, the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) finally announced the result for JEE MAINS.

This year’s result saw students from Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan soaring heights. The top three AIR’s are as follows:

  • Bhogi Suraj Krishna (AIR 1)
  • Hemant Kumar Chodipilli (AIR 2)
  • Parth Laturia (AIR 3)


While Bhogi and Hemant are from Andhra Pradesh, Parth is a student from Rajasthan.


“The JEE question papers are prepared in original by over 100 item writers. These item writers are subject experts. They prepare over 1,500 items over a period of two months during the year of the exam. All these questions are prepared by the item writers in original and they are handwritten. After that, 90 questions are drawn randomly and 8-9 sets are created. Anyone set is randomly picked for use in JEE,” a senior board official explained.

The toppers are now focusing on the IIT Advance Examination, with the hope of securing a seat in IIT Bombay. Most of them emphasized on the importance of having parental support in the process and devotion to working everyday.

“When I joined intermediate, I stopped playing cricket and decided to dedicate my entire time to this and securing a seat in the IIT’s” said Bhogi Suraj Krishna.

All the toppers, as icons of hard work and dedication, said that a minimum studying time of 5 hours was essential and it would not have been possible for them to achieve what they have today if they hadn’t given a lot of practice tests, cleared all their doubts and ensured that their concepts were clear.