Election and Evaluation Duties: A burden for Teachers

By: Admin 30 April, 2018

In addition to already being burdened with teaching different classes and handling financial and other charges of the school, the Teachers are further burdened by duties of Evaluation and Elections.

“This time, CBSE introduced a rule in which each teacher had to check only half the paper. This made the work more difficult and complicated, but the chances of error decreased. It created a lot of difficulty for the teachers.” Said a teacher from Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya.

As if the duties of evaluation were not enough, the  Board has further burdened the teachers with the Election Poll duties.

“The Election Duties are very stressful, and sometimes unsafe. We are made to travel to isolated locations and have to stay there from morning till the late evening. Sometimes we have to get up Early in the morning so as to make it to the destination in time.” Said a government teacher on the condition of anonymity.

It is largely unfair to assign such duties to teachers, because this not only consumes their time, but also endangers their safety when they have to travel long distances to unknown places. The travel expenses are large, and the day becomes very tiring.

"In some of the districts, the teachers were suspended for not verifying the voters' list properly. This has scared the teachers," said H K Manjunath, president of Karnataka Secondary Schools Assistant Teachers Association.

This fear has instilled in the teachers a sense of compulsion, because of which they are unable to fight or come forward. They are scared of losing their jobs if they speak out against the system of Election duties.