New Guidelines on Qualification of Pre School Teachers NCERT

By: Admin 30 April, 2018

“Currently, preschools across the country are just a downward extension of formal schooling where a lot of reading and writing is happening. Through these guidelines and curriculum we want to encourage schools to use pedagogical approaches that do not burden the children,” said an NCERT official.

In the recent years, since different schools were following different teaching styles and pattern for the Pre School Children, NCERT decided to issue new guidelines that define what teachers, students, learning environment and infrastructure a Pre School really needs to have.

For the Teachers…

  • Teachers should have a diploma in pre school education recognized by NCTE.
  • Teacher-Child ratio should be 1:25
  • Police Verification for Support Staff

For the Students…

  • Admission to nursery not before the child turns 3 years
  • Daily Routine fixed at 4 hours
  • Time for rest/nap should be given

For the infrastructure…

  • Should be surrounded by a boundary wall
  • Should have an outdoor play area

NCERT has also further issued guidelines for testing how much the child has learnt.

After one year of Pre School, the child should be able to:

  • Understand and follow simple rules
  • Exhibit hand, eye coordination in scribbling, coloring
  • Know a wide range of rhymes and poems
  • Pretend to read using picture cues and prior knowledge
  • Use thinking skills to solve simple problems such as completing 3-4 piece puzzle

After completing 2 years of Pre School, the child should be able to:

  • Take responsibilities and make choices
  • Develop persistence in completing tasks
  • Understand who, what and where in simple questions
  • Count up to 10, draw some basic shapes
  • Identify familiar signs and symbols like ‘STOP’ and ‘EXIT’

While these guidelines will be largely effective but their execution is a long process. Firstly, the State Governments have to give their reviews for the guidelines to NCERT post which NCERT would conduct a national consultation to put the guidelines into effect. But even after this, these guidelines will still not be binding.


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