FeES An app that gives Instant School Education Loans to Parents

By: Admin 26 April, 2018

An innovative move has been taken by EarlyCareer and Avanse together: they have launched the first simplistic, easy app to lend School Education Loan to Parents who are unable to afford their children’s school fee.

How FeES can be used by Teachers and Principals to spread awareness?

This initiative has been taken to ensure greater knowledge amongst parents from poor backgrounds about School Education loans, and Principals and Teachers can play a major role in spreading its awareness: they can conduct programs and talk about it during annual events like House Functions or the School Annual Day.


How FeES works?

The FeES app is present in the Google Play and iOS store, and the parent has to install it. Once installed, the parent has to provide the basic details like name, address, bank details etc. The app offers various school education loans- ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 3,00,000. The parent can choose any one of these loans and the fees will be wired to the school directly without using a lot of intermediate mediums. The repayment period ranges from 3 to 6 months- and is chosen by the parent himself.


How FeES is different from other Loan options?


FeES offers several unique features:

  • Zero Down Payment
  • Instant School Fees Payment within minutes
  • Processing fees of just Rs. 999
  • Pay back of upto 6 months

All these features make FeES not just the very first digital app providing student loans in the most convenient possible manner, but also one which is simplistic and has various benefits that are more from that of a regular Student Loan.

All the teachers and principals can play a major role in introducing parents to technologies not just like FeES, but also to the entire concept of School Loans as it is a concept unknown to many. These student loans are both convenient and easy to avail, and come with interest rates that are not high. They can be especially useful for families belonging to poor backgrounds.