About 1.36 Lakh Seats for B. Tech and M. Tech to reduce in Engineering Colleges

By: Admin 23 April, 2018

An immensely surprising move has been taken by about 639 Engineering Colleges all around the country- some of them have demanded the reduction of the number of seats, some have asked for the removal of certain courses and others have demanded their permanent closure to the All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE) . Even more surprising is the statement given out by AICTE: It is likely to accept all the requests even if the Students obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC’s) from the State.

Living in a Society with Engineering as one of the major professions, and almost 1.5 million students aspiring to be engineers, one wonders what caused this major downfall for the Engineering colleges in our country.

The answers are simple. While courses like Computer Engineering attract a large crowd of students, courses like Microelectronic Engineering don’t. With the decreased number of students enrolling in programs with lower demand, about 494 institutes have demanded the permanent closure of these courses.

In addition to this, it is well known to the crowds today that making it to an IIT is not easy, and without the nametag of a good engineering college, getting a job isn’t a piece of cake. Also, with the profession of engineering becoming so common, the competition has increased and the employment oppurtunities have decreased.

This news comes as a major wake up call for all the Societal Prejudices that glorify Engineering as the profession that gets you the dream life. It also encourages the masses to look past adopting the mainstream career and go for different career choices.