CBSE issues new guidelines on Sports in Schools

By: Admin 23 April, 2018

Isn’t there something about open spaces and fresh air that lightens up your soul in a beautiful, wonderful way? Isn’t there something about running freely under the sky, without being bound by any responsibilities that frees your inner being? Isn’t there something about hearing the voice of chirping birds, and the sound of leaves as a gentle breeze blows across the sky that makes you forget every other noise in the world?

Sports are essential for both youngsters and adults, not just to keep healthy, but to bring life back to us during times of intense adversity.

With the aim of ensuring that students have sports as a part of their everyday life, CBSE has prepared a 150 page manual detailing sports guidelines and implementation from classes 9 to 12.


What are the guidelines?

One of the most important measures included in this manual is to have a Sports period daily, as a part of the timetable. During this period, students will be allowed to perform any one of the physical activity mentioned in the manual and be graded on it. But in addition to this, more efforts should also be made to ensure that all students attend the Sports period- and necessarily perform some physical activity- from running to basketball.

What role will the teachers play?

Teachers will play an essential role in the implementation process of these guidelines- not just the Physical Education teachers, but also the regular ones. This will be a good measure as along with the students, the teachers too will get a break from regular classroom teaching and get an opportunity to do something different. They would have to maintain regular records and evaluate the student’s performance.

How will the student’s performance be judged?

Participation in these physical activities and assessment will be mandatory to be eligible for appearing in board exams of class 10 and 12, but the marks will not be added in the final exams.

The students will also have to make a project on which they’ll be graded on the basis of the materials they submit and the pictures they put up. But in addition to this measure, CBSE also needs to ensure that the end project does remain the only basis for judgment- because this project will be easy to make even for those who haven’t attended the period regular. It is important for the physical activity and the child’s regular attendance remain the primary basis for judgment.

CBSE needs to introduce more of these measures, because physical activities rejuvenate the child and ensures better concentration in academics. Not only this, but in the higher classes, especially 11th and 12th, when the pressure starts to increase, these physical activities play a major role in stress easing and helping them get through the day- and look forward to the activities that come after it.