NCERT issues new Guidelines for Homework for Schools

By: Admin 21 April, 2018

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) told the Madras High Court that the number of hours depending on the age of Students should vary as follows:

  • Below Class 2: No Homework
  • Between Classes 3 and 4: 2 Hours per week
  • Middle School Students: 1 Hour Daily
  • High School Students: 2 Hours Daily

This move came after many schools were seen to be overloading the students with home works requiring long hours.

NCERT also discouraged teaching subjects like General Knowledge (G.K.) in schools as it involves rote learning. The schools can instead teach G.K. by interactive methods of teaching through which the students can both learn and enjoy studying.

The Council has further discouraged schools from labeling different students as amazing, or average as this practice encourages discrimination and demotivates students who are labeled average.

“The demonising effect of such labelling is devastating on children. Therefore, parents need to be vigilant about these practices, and rather than taking pride of the fact that their wards are studying in a school where these discriminating practices prevail, they need to stand against these to prevent discrimination in the society on the basis of abilities,” the council has said.

The Council also emphasizes on the need for schools to have a flexible timetable, in which they can decide number of subjects taught each day, rather than teaching all the subjects in one day.

Parents are encouraged to ensure that all of the 13,000 CBSE affiliated Schools implement these suggestions and protest in case the right implementation does not take place.