CBSE Paper Leak Betraying not just the students but also the teachers

By: Admin 20 April, 2018

Alarm Rings, Wake up, it’s Five!

Get ready, Eat quickly, Catch the school bus in time!

School begins, Chaos erupts, and in its Midst, one Teaches, and the other Learns.

On Test days, one struggles to write the correct answers, and the other awaits a good result.

Results come, one is disappointed with his performance and the other tries to teach better to improve the performance.

The Final Days are coming, one is busy with revisions and the other with providing them strategies to do better

Final Exam, one goes to the centre, writes the exam, and the other waits for a phone call, waiting to know how the exam went.


This is a brief account of the life of a student in 12th or 10th grade, and the teachers who teach them.


While there has been havoc on the impact created by the recent CBSE Paper Leak on the lives of students, there hasn’t been any consideration of how this adversity affects not just the students, but the teachers as well.

They are like our Parents.

The bond of a teacher and a student is similar to that of a parent and his child. From the day the children enter their class, it’s the job of the teacher to nourish the child, to teach him in a way he not only learns, but understands, to clear his doubts when he’s in trouble, and to encourage him to do better when he fails. The bond that develops between the two reaches beyond the interaction related to purely academics, the teacher becomes a support system for the student when he’s perplexed, and the children often work hard to make their teachers proud. Towards the end, the teacher expects from the child as much as the child’s parents do, and the pride they experience is equivalent to that of the parent when he finally succeeds.


They make Compromises.


The teacher I am talking about here- is the very same who had a horrible day at school that day: she spilled her coffee while trying to feed her crying kids breakfast, she came to school and barely made it through the first period as a kid who developed a passion for flying aero planes in the class flew one right over her head, and finally, in the last period of the day, which is also the only free period for her , while sitting in the staff room alone, taking out that bar of chocolate she bought in the morning secretly, but a student walks in with a doubt- and he’s not that terrible back bencher who is trying out new strategies to take away her mental peace, but is the one who actually works hard- she compromises her chocolate to help the child solve that question. And as she hopes that this compromise will give this child an edge over the others in the case of a difficult paper, she is cheated as the paper leaks before the examination itself. Teachers, Coordinators and Principals make a million such compromises every day to help the children whose career will be decided by the marks they get. Not only this, the trouble makers (the aero plane flyers of the class, the kids who make their Physics teacher remorseful about having a Bengali accent and the kids who know best how to end a History class into a screaming match between the teacher and the students) get an unfair advantage to achieve better than those who have worked hard since the beginning. This disappoints the teacher as much as it disappoints the students- as they’re the ones who had to suffer as the shape of their nose was targeted all year by that one kid whose life mission was to not study during the Geography class.


Teachers don’t have a boss that runs after their life to complete a target within a week- they see a reflection of their performance as a teacher in the results of their students. Just like the person who makes the maximum number of calls in a calling company is considered to be the best in the company, the analysis of a teacher’s performance is made by the number of kids he teaches who are getting straight A’s. And when his students suffer a disadvantage because of cases like Paper Leaks, and less kids are scoring the best- the teacher’s reputation, and his very internal motivation has to suffer. With the failure that the child faces, the teacher too sees himself failing.



And The Principals are Suffering too.

Imagine that you’re the CEO of a very famous company. You have recently made a product that can change the world. The last step in introduction of this product is the authorization from the government- but another company, one of your closest competitors, pays the government some money and releases a similar product first. So the people fall in love with their product, and your product, although better, fails. Such is the case of the Principals who run schools. Their alumni decides the number of students who enroll in their schools, and the very reputation of the school. With the bright students suffering due to the paper leak, the overall performance rate of the passing batch falls down, and so does the reputation of the school and the Principal.


CBSE Paper Leak has not just disappointed the students, but the teachers, the Principal and everyone else involved in this entire process. The betrayal they all face together is hard to put in words, and it is as much the responsibility of these teachers to protest and stand together with their students as it is of the students.