Board Results and How they’ll be different

By: Admin 19 April, 2018

With most of the board papers coming to an end across the country, the awaiting for the results has begun. Most of the results will be declared by the end of May.


The following new policies have been adopted by CBSE this year:


1) Moderation


This year, CBSE has not yet declared a clear strategy on Moderation but it expects that if there, moderation will be minimal. But this policy could also end up creating a huge change in the performance of all the students over the board, and there is a mild possibility that in case this happens, CBSE will revert back to moderation again next year. Another disadvantage of the removal of Moderation is giving an unfair advantage to the dropouts who have benefited from moderation in 2017 and may apply to DU this year.


2) Having Internal Examinations as a part of the Result

Another new policy adopted by CBSE for 10th Class Boards this year is to have a result that takes into consideration marks from both internal and external examinations. So for a child to pass, if he scores 20 in internal tests and 13 in the Boards, the total of 33% will be sufficient for him to pass. But this change is only for 2018 Board Examinations.


With these new changes being introduced in the system, CBSE can be seen experimenting to figure out a system that works the best for our students, which is both strict and liberal to proper extents.