No sponsoring of unauthorised candidates warns CBSE

By: Admin 23 October, 2017

The CBSE has warned its schools against "sponsoring" students for the board examinations from schools which are not affiliated to the board, threatening them with strict action.


  • CBSE has issued an advisory to all its affiliated schools against ‘sponsoring’ students.

  • This has come after the Board’s directive to all schools for submission of list of candidates to appear for Class 10th examinations.

  • Examination Controller KK Choudhary said that schools should only send those names who are bonafide students of the school.

  • In case unauthorised candidates from non-affiliated schools are found to be ‘sponsored’, strict action will be taken against the school.


This comes following the board's directive to all of its schools for submission of the list of candidates for the board examinations to be held for Classes X and XII in 2018.




"School should send list of only those students who are bonafide regular candidates of the school," the board's examination controller K K Choudhary said in an advisory to schools.


In case "unauthorised candidates" or students from non-affiliated (non-CBSE) schools are sponsored, strict action will taken as per the affiliation by-laws against the schools.


"The CBSE has a system of surprise inspection of schools, in which infrastructure and candidate strength at classes IX, X, XI and XII are verified," he said.


The CBSE is preparing to hold compulsory board examinations for all students of Class X from 2018, after a gap of seven years.


The Human Resource Development Ministry scrapped the system of holding optional board examinations for Class X students of CBSE schools in view of several reports indicating that the system had turned out to be counter-productive.


The reports claim students ignored their studies in Class X as they knew they would be promoted to Class XI under the optional board exam scheme.


The CBSE had introduced optional board examinations for Class X students in 2010 along with grading system.


The news has been taken from Deccan Herald website. Read the original here.