4 Simple Strategies for School Heads to Managing Time Effectively

By: Admin 21 July, 2017

Being a School Head, it gets difficult to balance your personal and professional life. It requires efficient management of time, and prioritizing tasks.


Here are 4 simple strategies to help you out.




  1. You can do anything, but you cannot do everything

When your job starts to feel completely overwhelming and it seems like you could work 24 hours a day and still not be done with anything, chances are good that you’ve either lost sight of your priorities or never set them to begin with.


The trick is simple, if you’re not sure whether a task is important, ask yourself, What would happen if I didn’t do this?


If you can live with the result, put the task in an “Eventually” section of your to-do list, or remove it altogether. It is essential to recognize that you cannot do it all, and everything is not equally important.


  1. Make a List for everything

Writing down your work and making a list is essential for getting things done. If we don’t write something down, it takes up space in our minds which could otherwise be used for creative tasks and being productive.


It will get stressful of you keep all your information noted in mind. If you are trying to remember everything you need to do, you can never stop thinking about work. Make a list and pin it up on a board in front of you, or keep it on our desk. That way, you won’t have to remember tasks even when you are at home with family.



  1. Do not let interruptions hinder priority tasks

Take a few seconds to write down your next actionable step for your planned work before responding to the interruption. This will make it easier for you to pick back up where you left off.


For example: You are writing an email to a parent, and a teacher interrupts you, don’t leave the work hanging. Say, “Sure, can you give me one second?” and hit save, then write down the points you had in mind. That will take less than 10 seconds and is no inconvenience to the other person. Best of all, you can immediately refocus on what you were doing without wasting time wondering.


  1. Recognize what is Urgent and what is Important

Nearly every issue that crops up during the school day seems like an emergency. This is especially true when it concerns students. However, urgent and important are not synonymous.

Ask yourself, What will happen if I do this later? Can this be handled in a few minutes? A few hours? A few days?


Do not let other people’s last-minute requests drive your schedule. That doesn’t mean you ignore the work and let them down, it just means you choose a more convenient time to accommodate them. Ultimately, you are responsible for your time management and productivity. If a last-minute or urgent request is not critical, you can choose when to complete it.


Every work is important, but handling things efficiently will help you maintain a balance with work and at home.


This article has been inspired by and contains excerpts from TheCornerstoneForTeachers.com. Read the original here.