Common Branding Mistakes Schools should Avoid

By: Admin 12 July, 2017

To establish a connect, every school needs to have an identifiable brand. That may involve academic expertise, sporting achievements, vast campus or any other feature depends on your institution.


It is a common presumption that a ‘brand’ includes a logo and a tagline. Similar is the case with schools. The logo is a part of your brand, just a visual representation which makes up a very small piece of the puzzle. Your brand represents everything about your school, from your core values to your aspirations. Your website, the type of language you use in your communications, your social media and your ads all need to be considered.


But branding mistakes will often lead to a negative impression, or undesirable results. Here are a few common mistakes that you should stay away from.



  1. Not keeping in mind the Target Audience

For schools, the target audience is parents and students. Depending on your school’s attributes, like academics, pricing, sport, location etc. your school will appeal more to a specific set of parents. They can be called your target ‘personas’, who value academics or sports more that the other attributes. That does not mean other parents would not choose your school. Even if you are aware, never lose sight of your target personas when creating or updating your brand.


  1. Not backing up your Brand Message

If your school claims to be the most socially savvy school but you don’t back it up with an active social media profile, just as there is no point claiming to have a school based around strong academic achievement if you don’t showcase it in your branding. You have to make sure that the content you are putting out to your audience is consistent with your brand voice and message, because if they differ, your audience will notice and you risk damaging your school brand.


  1. Not being different

As a brand, you are trying to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract new parents to your school, so you do not want to be copying someone else’s brand look and feel. Make sure you use the unique qualities attributed to your school and incorporate them into your brand, so that your audience can identify your school with ease. Copying others won’t help you to emulate their success, it will dilute your brand quality.


  1. Not having set guidelines

Establishing a brand is a task, but maintaining your image over a long period of time requires constant monitoring and revisiting your brand goals. It is crucial to have set guidelines to follow, keeping in mind brand’s message and goals. Creating guidelines that cover your target personas, the types of things you post, and the tonality of your content, ensures that you have a consistent brand.


The above are just a few points that you should avoid. Every school is different and the ways in which they create and maintain their brand are dependent on a variety of unique factors.



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