5 Reasons why favouritism is bad for Classroom Management

By: Admin 30 June, 2017

A teacher is supposed to be an impartial figurehead who likes all her students equally, or dislikes all her students equally. But as a person, it is natural that you like some people and dislike some others. And sometimes you can’t help but show your preference. But playing favourites with students never ends well.


Here are a few reasons why openly favouring some students is bad for classroom management.

1. Isolation of other kids

When you overtly show that you favour some students over others, what you are essentially doing is isolating the other students in your classroom. If the teacher continues to pick some kids over others, other kids will eventually stop participating in the class. It will then become a class of just those few students, because the others will not be interested. Thus it is the duty of a teacher to remain impartial, which means that everyone deserves a chance.



2. Isolation of the favourite kid

The teacher may show preference for few kids and always call on them for different tasks and activities. But know this, your favourite student is not going to be well liked by their classmates because of this. Being a teacher’s pet, he or she will be excluded from activities and discussions and might be unfairly categorized as a snitch.


3. Being judgemental

When a few students are your favourite, you pay attention to them alone in class. But what happens is that you are judging the other students in your class without even giving them a chance to prove themselves. It does not matter if you start liking all of your students later, at least give them a chance to be liked or disliked. Making assumptions without any prior knowledge only makes you look judgmental and biased.


4. Evaluate your favorite

It is human nature that when we like something or someone, we tend to ignore their shortcomings. Your favourite students may be getting the attention that they do not deserve. Do you favour them because they are the quintessential good students or because they know how to please you? If they are honestly students who deserve the attention you shower upon them, then by all means continue to do so. But if they are students who tend to engage in false flattery just to gain favour with you, then you need to re-evaluate your ability to gauge students.


5. Change in teaching style

The job of a teacher is to teach everyone equally, irrespective of likes or dislikes. When you have already made up your mind about the students, then your teaching style too will change accordingly. You will only focus on the students you want too, not the other students too. Your liking or disliking of students should not affect the way you teach.


This article has been inspired by and contains excerpts from the Teacher’s Digest. Read the original here.