School Mission: Why is it important?

By: Admin 23 June, 2017

Every school has a mission statement. It is actually a single sentence that describes what the school wishes to achieve. The mission should also resonate with the staff. It is important for a faculty to have a common set of beliefs.


But sometimes teachers get so wrapped up in the little stuff that they need to be reminded of where they should be going. Thus, the faculty should be included in the writing if the mission. Ask them to share their ideas and build upon it to create a joint statement. Having a hand in creation of vision gives teachers a personal connect and increases their sense of ownership.

A Reminder


A mission statement should not just be written somewhere in a handbook to be lost. It should be in the principal’s office, on the notice board, and in the classrooms. It should be a reminder of what the school and the team has collectively set out to achieve. It can be a useful template to work, an ideal to work through issues of the day. A school’s mission doesn’t need to be same always. It can be revised accordingly whenever required.



In Practice


For example, you have a disciplinary problem in your school. Your mission statement can target that concern. Create that statement with the help of your faculty members, have it read daily in the morning announcements. Ask the faculty to remind it to students what everyone is working towards. Do not push them, just a gentle reminder. Mission statement can be a great way to communicate with young minds.


A Vision


Many mission statements have little practical meaning. They are posted on walls and in the student handbook or scheduler, but they rarely guide or challenge the school. They are too safe and too easily forgotten. Even in the best of circumstances. A major problem with most mission statements is that they are static. Let that not be the case.


Make the most of it


A school's mission, or vision, statement is a living document. What is the school striving to become? What does it want to achieve? To what extent will it hold itself accountable for progressing toward fulfilling its vision? Make your own statement which defines your school.


What progress did we make? Where did we drop the ball? What is the evidence that we are moving closer to fulfilling our vision or not? What do we need to do next year to accelerate our progress toward fulfilling our vision? Reflect on it at the end of the school year. Ask staff and students what has been done to achieve the mission, and what can be done further to accomplish our goals.



This article has been inspired by and contains excerpts from Education World website. Read the original here.