School Website: The First Impression of a School

By: Admin 22 June, 2017

A school’s chance of making a successful first impression is through their website. Before a parent or student physically sets a foot into a school building, there is an opportunity for a virtual visit. The information that is available on the website makes an important first impression.


The website is an opportunity to highlight best qualities of your school. Once this positive impression is made, the website can to provide a wide variety of information, from posting an exam schedule to holiday homework. The website can also effectively communicate the school’s vision and mission, the qualities, and the offerings to each of these stakeholders. Basically, the school website presents the personality of the school.



Up to Date


Information placed on the school website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Therefore, all the information on the school website must be timely and accurate. Indian schools tend to ignore their websites, which is not a good sign. Up to date information is particularly important for teacher websites that list assignments or homework for students and parents to see.




Every school website must be a reliable source of information that is communicated clearly and accurately. That task is usually assigned to a school's Information Technology or IT Department.

When an IT Department is not available, some schools ask a faculty or staff member who is particularly technologically savvy, or who works in their computer science department, to update their websites for them. A more collaborative approach of assigning responsibility for sections of the website might make things more manageable.




Possibly the most important consideration in designing the school website is the navigation. The navigation design of a school website is important because of the number and variety of pages that may be offered to users of all ages, including those who may not use internet regularly. Encourage parents to use the school website to keep a check on their student record or daily activities. This is a great way to communicate with them on a regular basis.



There are reasons to make the school website as attractive and professional as possible. The website gives the essence of the school. Create and update your website the way you want your school’s first impression to be. In this day and age when parents usually don’t have the time to visit the school campus, the website is what will drive them to decide if they want yo admit their kids in your school.


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