School Marketing: Simple Ideas to Increase Enrolments

By: Admin 17 June, 2017

Nowadays it does not matter if you have a primary or senior school, Marketing is a huge factor for being and growing in this field. Be a small town or a metropolitan city, you need to have proper strategies in place for marketing to increase admissions.


Enrollment defines everything for a school. If there are not enough students, there will be effects on hiring, maintenance, strategy, and salaries. It is not surprising that there is a pressure on principals and program directors to see their school reach capacity, therefore, attracting more students is a key role of the school's leadership team.


Here are a few simple marketing techniques that you can use now to increase enrolments.




  1. Start with existing students

Before going in for advertisements and campaigns, start with using the resources you have available. Most schools don’t invest on their existing students. Be understanding of student needs and keep the parents informed all the activities that you have planned for the future. Satisfied students and parents will not move to another school, and spread the praise your school in their circle, which will ultimately lead to enrollments.


  1. Events and Interaction

Plan interaction activities in your school for parents and other school stakeholders. It is about community. Don’t always think about saving money, a little investment can get you a good amount of profit. But first you need to make your school better and famous.

Arrange a kids fair or carnival, or a motivational talk for parents, or a discussion of a few people on a student’s issue.


  1. Feedback Communities

This is a key component. Getting feedback from both students and parents can actually tell you a lot about your current position in the market. Collect that data and work on the issues that get listed. This creates a good impression on parents, especially if they see you are working in the issues raised.


  1. Online Presence

Having a website for your school is crucial. Not just any website, an easy to navigate and updated website. Any parent looking for information about your school will look for the website, so it is your first impression. Also, make accounts on social media platform.


  1. Personal Connect

Making flexes for marketing is a good idea. But an even better idea is giving a personal approach. Make flexes for individual students who perform well in academics, sports, or other competitions. Do this for all achievers in your school, then see that people will definitely talk about achievements of your school.



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