Maintaining Good Relations with Fellow Teachers, Administrators

By: Admin 06 June, 2017

Teaching is not an easy job. Keeping up with the daily struggles and overcoming obstacles like students behaviour issues, parental expectations, administrative challenges, all these take a toll on the teacher. It can be difficult to keep up with that teaching passion, the workload gets heavy and many times there is not much appreciation.


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In addition to good relations with students, teachers should also establish good relationships with their fellow teachers and administrators. It is necessary to be a “people’s person” to effectively teach and interact with others in school.


Not Afraid to Approach

Teachers should not be afraid to approach administrators with their concerns, challenges, and problems. By staying open about what bothers them, teachers don’t appear weak, but caring and engaged. A teacher who shows they want to do well and meet challenges set by the school heads proves to an administrator that they have the passion needed to be effective teachers.

The administrators who observe this passion will work to help the teachers deal with issues that arise.


Non supportive Administration?

If an administrator is not supportive, and teachers find themselves becoming overwhelmed and losing passion because of it, that teacher must adjust and find support elsewhere. Teachers should help each other with ideas and problems, giving advice and tips to overcoming the burnout and decaying passion.


Good relations are needed

If teachers do manage to develop good relationships with their administrators, they will likely feel relief from another high source of stress and burnout: challenging parents.


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For many teachers, teaching is not just a career choice. They are very passionate about their work and genuinely want to help students achieve success in their lives. From seeing a student’s face light up with understanding after finally working through a complex math problem, to watching students dive into new worlds through classical literature, these teachers derive great joy from seeing their students grow and learn.


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