Marketing your School on a Small Budget

By: Admin 05 June, 2017

School Marketing in this day and time is quite essential if you want a steady flow of enrollments in your school. Even if your school is up and running, or you are about to launch your school, there is a need to put aside finances for marketing strategies.


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If you have a tight budget, here are school marketing ideas that require little money, but more time and effort to do correctly.



  1. The Social Media

This is interaction on social media, not advertising. Spend an hour each day to post something relevant to your industry as well as search for other pages and people who might be interested in you: like or follow them, say hello and let them know about your school. Make sure that all your current students and old ones have liked and followed your page. Get your faculty involved with posting interesting content. Three good posts everyday, and some time in getting to know your audience will keep you in good shape.


  1. Blogging

Do not approach it as ‘blogging’. Think of it as marketing information, article publishing. The Internet is all about giving and accessing information. Anyone interested in your school will search about it on the internet. Basic information about admissions, events, careers, tutorials etc. should be available easily. Using your website blog as information marketing will help prospective students find you as well as enhance your authority in the industry by demonstrating your expertise.


  1. Personal Touch

When schools are full of students, you don’t always have time to personally get to know leaders in your local industry. When your marketing budget is restricted, you must network personally with people working in the industry for which your school prepares students. Google addresses, get invited in events, get to know them. If they like you and your school, they will recommend it in their group.


  1. Some good SEO

This part is boring, posting comments, guest posts and links. Google can identify bad link building, and your site can be punished for it in search rankings, so be careful. Find other websites that have content related to your industry and comment with a link to your site. The key is to get high quality links back to your own website. It takes time, but you need to do it.


  1. Get Published

Find magazines and websites related to your industry. Contact their publishers and build contact with them. See if you could become a guest writer. Build your school’s authority by getting published or giving away some useful downloadables, like tutorials etc. Also, get to know reporters in your area. A picture for events in your school in the local newspaper can also do wonders for marketing.



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