Marketing your School: Why and How?

By: Admin 05 June, 2017

It is important to note the absolute importance of marketing within a school’s business operations. Even if your school is running well, you should be re-investing at least 10% of your revenue on marketing to keep a steady flow of new enrollments.


A new school needs to have at least 6 month’s worth of high-saturation marketing capital on hand for a proper launch. In this age of competition, you need to wait to have enough money for a campaign, and then properly launch your school with decent marketing strategy in hand. Launching slowly mostly results in failure than success. Main reason is that fixed costs remain the same for n number of students.




Admittedly, there are times when a school might be forced to decrease its school marketing budget. If that happens, you must simultaneously increase the amount of time you spend on your marketing efforts. You cannot squeeze your total marketing plan. If your budget is tight, increase the time spent - both are necessary.


Know your target market - Students


The key to any advertising for school is to stay focussed on the students. Who they are, what they want, then only one can effectively market your school without spending too much money on advertisements. Like for any promotion, you have to know your target market better than they know themselves. Once you do that, then you’ll know the two most important aspects of a successful marketing campaign: where they spend their time, and who they trust.


These two elements will tell you where and how to advertise to get the best results. Many schools and businesses think they know who their target market is. The truth is: we never know with 100% certainty where all our target markets are. As a school you need to constantly be asking students, graduates, and potential employers about their habits and background. You’ll be surprised how many new things pop up every time you make the effort to do some market research.


The Budget of Marketing - Effort and Money


If your finances are low, you’ll have to work a lot harder. If you can’t pay for it, you have to do a lot of work on your own - put in more hours online and locally to promote your school.


Money is spent on getting quick awareness, and doesn’t require a lot of hours to complete like advertising and sponsorships. Effort requires people and time: interaction on social networks, attending industry gatherings or even hitting the pavement to pass out flyers at coffee shops on the weekend.


If your school’s budget has decreased due to obligations or circumstances, then you must adjust that with an increase in effort so that the total marketing equation does not suffer. There are a variety of Strategies that you can adopt for your school. Some cost more money, others cost more time and effort.


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