Facing Parental Pressure: Maintaining the Teaching Passion

By: Admin 04 June, 2017

Dealing with high parental expectations is a huge stress for many teachers. It is hard to hear complaints that your effort is not effective. That you aren’t doing enough to help the children, or that a student received a poor grade when they should have received a good one.


The stress often leads to teachers feeling unappreciated or frustrated. Teachers have to deal with a classroom of kids, and they understand the intricacies and challenges. They might feel they are doing everything they can to help the children and keeping their passion alive.


Meeting with Parents


The most important thing is to prepare well. Communication is key. It is always better to be extremely positive while talking to a parent. Give them examples of how students learn in class. Tell them about different activities and appreciate the occasions when the kid has performed well.



Classroom Environment


If a teacher takes extra care to make the classroom atmosphere engaging for students to learn in, make sure to mention it to parents. Also, explain lesson plans and course requirements. Some parents might feel that a teacher hasn’t done enough to engage their child, so teachers must prepare to clearly state their high expectations for students.





Share your Passion


Much like they share their passions with their students, teachers should share their passions with parents. Before you meet with them, teachers should be ready to explain their strategies and showcase some of their ideas or strategies that have helped students in the past. A teacher who appears to truly love his or her career and shows how much he or she cares will satisfy a parent’s curiosity.


When meeting with parents, it often helps to have administrative support to back up claims and explanations of lessons. This helps to reinforce a teacher’s expertise on subject matter, and alleviates concerns of parents.



Keep the Fire Going Strong


Teaching is a challenging, tough, yet rewarding career that isn’t for everybody. It’s said that teachers are born, not made, and it all comes down to passion. When teachers feel anxious or overwhelmed and might reconsider the choice of their career, just pause and take a step back and reflect on why you chose teaching in the first place. Think back to all of the times where a child finally solved a problem, or when a former student approached you thanking for being such a wonderful teacher.


Maintaining your passion might be challenging, but if you work hard at it, you will be rewarded in the future.


This article has been inspired by and contains excerpts from Masters Education website. Read the original here.