Top 4 Actions to take for Increasing Student Enrollments

By: Admin 01 June, 2017

Marketing of a school is an important aspect which does not get the attention that it needs. We do not need much investment, basic tools can be applied with limited budget and resources, some of which might already be in place. Every tool or resource available at hand needs to be optimised for better conversion of prospective student into a confirmed enrollment.


  1. Website

Do a serious assessment of your school’s website. Things to notice are content and ease of use, the key to converting interested parents into student enrollments. In this age of internet people want quick access to information. They may not have time to visit school campuses, but they can get the essence of it on your school’s website.

The site should offer all the relevant information that a parent might need - Admission process, costs, syllabus, events, etc. Also your site should be mobile friendly.



  1. Social Media

Social media is a pivotal tool in showcasing your brand, personality and unique content to prospective students. Take advantage of platforms like Facebook and YouTube to showcase your events. But the key is to ensure that social media is also driving conversions.

Set your social media objectives along with Key Performance Indicators. Treat social media like any other important component in the enrollment management and marketing process. Use tools like Google Analytics to monitor your social media progress.


  1. Identify and fix

If you have knowledge on the process of admissions, then you can see where it is going wrong or why things are not going as planned. If schools cannot see they have a problem converting applications to admits, then they won’t know to fix it.

When you can identify breakdowns in the funnel, then it is much easier to proactively address them, and these small fixes can really help grow enrollments.


  1. Being Proactive

Once a student has enrolled in your school, that does not mean your work is over. It has just begun. Nurturing leads through the enrollment funnel is a complex process. You may have a few students who have registered but not completed the admission process. In this day and age of competition, it is necessary to be proactive.

Outbound calls, emails, or texts are all ways to contact students who are stuck in the enrollment or conversion process, and move them along to the next step.


With these four points in mind, you can be on your way to making your marketing and enrollment efforts more effective and efficient.



This article is inspired by and contains excerpts from Blackboard Blog. Read the original here.