Importance of Public Relations for Schools

By: Admin 31 May, 2017

Many Principals overlook the importance of strong Public Relations. Each year you are missing dozens of opportunities to create a ‘buzz’ about your school.


If you ever wonder why some schools have a great 'buzz' about them but your school does not, even though it performs just as well. The reason most probably is that the schools with great reputations have made a commitment to communication. That commitment to communication starts with the principal. Great communication is the culture in schools with buzz about them. Once that PR momentum builds, a school is on its way to becoming one of the sought-after schools in the community.




Use the Local Media


Local newspapers hold the key to some of the best PR opportunities. Newspapers or radio channels are always eager for content. If you provide them with interesting stories about your school, they will do a great job at promoting your school. Get invited to a radio station, connect with the community you want to reach. When people know the name of your school and about all the great events you are doing, parents are automatically attracted. Resulting in an increment in admissions.


Use the Web


Most schools nowadays have their own website, but do not update or use it to its potential. Social media is also a great tool. Let student representatives handle it for you. Update pictures and videos of your programs, write-ups of students, let the world know activities you have in your school.


Put up the Good News


The marquee that stands in front of many schools is another great spot for getting out the word about special events and recognitions. Word can also be put out on school buses. Utilize your marquee and the marquees of your business partners throughout the community. If you think that businesses around you will not be interested to post special congratulations on their marquees, then maybe you just haven't asked.


Give Way to Newsletters


One of the most obvious ways to get out the word about the abundance of great things going on in a school is to publish a regular school newsletter. The timing of that newsletter is up to the school principal; it depends on where parent communication lies on the principal's priority list. Use a lot of articles and photos clicked by students and teachers to capture your school life. Children also get excited about the newsletter as pictures of them and their friends have been published.


This article is inspired by and may contain excerpts from an article on Education world website. Read the original here.