Maintaining Public Relations: Tips for School Leaders

By: Admin 30 May, 2017

Are you looking to improve relations between school and home?

Do you want the media to pay more attention to your school?


Public Relations is an area that every School Leader should be concerned about. Do you think your school can’t afford resources for public relations? Think again. Sometimes all it takes is a few phone calls and interactions in the community. Public relations encompasses all interactions and communications with the public by everyone in your school district, from school secretaries to maintenance workers to teachers, principals, board members, and students. Good public relations is something everyone involved with a school should be practicing every day.




Take those Calls

The biggest public relations budget in the world won't matter if your school projects a poor image in its most basic communications. Ask these questions: How are people treated when they call the school? Is the person answering the phone courteous, friendly, and helpful? Is the community notified of school events? How well do teachers and administrators communicate with parents?

Parents are essential to making relations. The more parents know what’s going on, the more they’ll support the initiatives of school.


Happy and informed Parents

Communication with parents is vital because you can't rely on students to accurately relay what's happening at school. If they tell their parents anything about school at all. Some kids bring home news and stories, other kids choose to not talk. Anything the school can do to explain to parents what children are learning will be appreciated.


When good news happens, do not wait to announce it. As time goes by, the news becomes old news and, therefore, less relevant. Whether a school hires someone to manage public relations or decides staff members can handle it on their own, it's important to give public relations the attention your parents, your community and your school deserves.


Making Good Media Relations

Why does one school get more media coverage than another? The answer may be a simple one. Just that their administrators pick up the phone and talk to local journalists more often. Getting coverage in of events and achievements in local newspapers and media channels can be very easy. Schools overlook this fact. Also reporters and editors are very busy, so you need to keep up with them to get your place in.

This article is inspired by, and contains excerpts from Education World. Read the original here.