Small yet Effective Classroom Strategies that work

By: Admin 27 May, 2017

Classroom order improves when you learn that successful classroom management depends on executing a few big strategies and a lot of little ones. While you may have read many articles on how to manage your classroom and teaching strategies, little things sometimes can be of much use.


Following are Little Things that Support Classroom Management:


  1. Small Rewards, Big help

Small rewards can help you in a big way. For example, put names of the best test scorers or best behaving students of the class. Then draw out two name once a week, give them a prize like a candy bar or any token of appreciation. Children love to receive awards and you get the control of your class.



  1. Don’t punish everyone

Even when you feel like the the entire class is misbehaving, there are always some kids following directions. Punishing the class as a group only incites further resistance. The kids who behave when everyone is not wouldn’t like it if they also get punished, and chances are they will not obey the teacher with much effort the next time.


  1. Up the Enthusiasm

There is no downside of being enthusiastic. Spiking up your energy will spike up energy in students, which is what we want. Bored students don’t take interest in what you are teaching. And if the teacher seems disinterested, the students won’t bother.


  1. Words of Appreciation

Students sometimes miss the obvious. Say, "This class makes me glad that I teach." These small words of appreciation when a class has been good would make the students happy. And ultimately, they would be more interested in your class.


  1. Say the Truth what you feel

If students are confused and lost, don't brush over it. And when you've sent a student out of the classroom, say, "That makes me sad and frustrated, but let's get our brains focused back on the third math problem."


This article is inspired by an article on Edutopia’s website. Read the original here.