Hiring Better Teachers: What can School Leaders do?

By: Admin 26 May, 2017

Every year more than 15 percent of teachers quit their jobs, either to switch to other schools or to change their profession entirely. This means a waste of good resource for schools, and a whole new stress of hiring new staff which will blend in with your institution goals.


Very often principals miss the opportunity for increasing the quality of staff they hire. Several studies suggest that even though there is room for improvement, schools settle for much less than what they should be aspiring for. Quality education depends on quality teachers, and this is something that cannot be compromised.


So, what can you do attract the best teachers to your school?



  1. Expand your reach

Always using the same resources for new candidates, and you are running out of options? Thanks to the internet, we can reach a wide range of audience. Use the internet to your advantage. A few regular posts on social media can make your school attract much attention.


  1. Never settle, Be selective

Even if it is the end of the school year, hiring a not-so-good teacher will not benefit your students in the long term. Invest time and resource and find the best educator for your school who will value their role and blend in with your staff. Hiring average candidates just to think you’ll hire a better one later will waste more time. Do the good deed once.


  1. Show off your personality

Job postings should be saying more about vacancies than the bare facts and figures. It is your chance to show your school’s culture, vision, attitudes and values. Consider why teachers want to work in this role, at your school, over another institution in the region?


  1. Break free from tradition

Traditional methods and schedules of teacher recruitment are tried and tested. But with growing demand for talented teachers at Indian schools, and more specialism required, it is time to enhance old processes with new methods for faster and more efficient recruitment.


  1. Be flexible

This is particularly important when the role is a last minute hire. Great teachers won’t stick around for long, so be understanding of challenges of adjusting in a new environment, technical difficulties and more. If you want teachers to stay, be understanding and keep a friendly approach.


6. Need for Special Needs

Special Education Teachers in a school must be someone with proper qualifications to meet educational needs of children with specific learning disabilities. It is also required by the CBSE to have a Special Education Teacher mandatory in schools for young adults who need extra attention to complete their learnings successfully.



The article contains a few excerpts from Teach Away website. Read the original here.