Improving Students’ Performance: What should Principals do?

By: Admin 25 May, 2017

Raising test scores is the top priority for all Principals. It is a task that requires focus and a well thought approach. A few Principals from around the world share their strategies to boost falling scores.


It is important for Principals and Teachers to come together and take efforts in improving students performance, and Parents must come support the efforts being taken in raising those marks. Responsibility and accountability should be created.


Test Scores to Analyze


Teachers and staff should be trained on analyzing test data of their students. They can identify their students’ strengths and weaknesses. Principal’s do analysis for the same on a school level. Look at each class and then check for entire school. Look for patterns in their crores.

One can also set some time aside for teachers to analyze and work on their class data in school itself.


The goal of this exercise is to identify strong and weak students. And to find out areas in the curriculum that need to be improved.





A fresh set of perspective


Having a fresh set of eyes and ideas of an expert, that is having an outsider observe and tell reiterate things that the principal, supervisors have been thinking makes a huge difference. Call in an expert, and have them observe the teachers, students and on goings of the classrooms. We sometimes may not see and conclude what is right in front of us.


Discussing student’s work


Teacher groups can come together and share students work with each other. They can discuss their experiences with each other. These discussions are an opportunity for teachers to learn from one another, to ask questions, and, generally speaking, to contribute to a professional dialogue.

The main benefit for teachers is that it has made them eager to dialog among themselves and learn from each other, even without a consultant present. Doing that can help the beginning of a 'professional learning community'.


Teaching Good is Essential


No one can deny that there are ample benefits if you employ good teachers who are really passionate about teaching and genuinely care for the kids. But sometimes you may get teachers who might think a bit out of the box but their methods will benefit students in the long run. Principals must give them a chance and provide them with the tools necessary for implementation of their strategies.

The end goal to achieve is, increase in test marks of students.



This article is inspired by an article on Education World’s website. Read the original here.