How to be a champion at Team Building in school?

By: Admin 16 May, 2017

Building a reliable team is crucial for a school’s future. This applies to each and every unit within the school, be it senior leaders or junior staff. For most leaders, team building is all about building relationships, and together pursuing a passion to achieve the vision and mission of the institution. You don't just need to hire staff with the right qualifications. You need to hire people who are right for your school, who are compatible with other staff too.


Heads of schools which are rated best, share their views.


  1. Friendship is key

Successful teams are built through friendship, trust and spending time together. Being all professional and crisp doesn't do it most times. Invite your core team for a get together or a meeting, be social, discuss problems and solutions. These little soft skills are what drives the team to be more productive and passionate.


  1. Spot talent within the team

A key role of a leader is to identify talent within your team and utilize it for the school’s benefit. It is a risk, but many times that risk pays off for good.

Always try to find the best in people. When you give your team opportunities to grow, they admire you more, which will do wonders for your team building and staff retention.





  1. Leader is the example

A leader has to be a source of inspiration and a role model for the team. Never ask your people to do something that you will not do yourself. If you want your staff to come for extra classes in the vacations, you as a leader should be in school too. Leading by example is critical.


  1. Move people on

You cannot have a team with dead weight. A team can be successful only if each and every member has a contribution and is passionate towards a common goal. Hold accountability of people and if you feel someone is not on the same page as you, be ready to move them on.


  1. Promote the positive

Be optimistic. Motivate. Keep them happy.

When you encourage your staff, spread positivity, you never know how your words might impact someone. Always try to look out for one another. Boost confidence and tell them there is no such thing as failure. They should learn from their mistakes and realize their potential. It's about avoiding the negatives and promoting the positives.