5 tips for Principals to Reduce Stress

By: Admin 15 May, 2017

Stress is related with any job. the more you are responsible for the higher the level of stress there is.  Being a principal can be a very stressful job as you deal with teachers, students, and parents. It is essential to reduce stress if you want to continue to effectively do your difficult job year in and year out.


Here are 5 tips for Principals to reduce stress.


  1. Mentally Strong and Organized

One of the best things about being a principal is that you rarely have two days that are the same. It seems each day brings something new and unexpected. Sometimes situations can catch you off guard and you have to be mentally tough enough to handle it and work through it.

If you aren’t a well organized person then it is going to be difficult to effectively do your job. There are so many little details associated with a principal’s job that you will quickly be overwhelmed if you are not organized. Being organized is essential to being and staying stress free.


  1. Proactive

To be proactive you have to be very observant constantly looking or listening for little issues that could later turn into big issues. For example, a student approaches you with information about two other students planning to fight at recess. You can be proactive in this situation by calling both students in, trying to get to the core of the problem, and laying out the consequences before hand should they go ahead and fight. A simple meeting can avoid a scene.


  1. Document

Document everything that you believe to be noteworthy whether that is a conversation with a parent, a discipline issue with a student, or a suggestion for improvement to a teacher. While documenting may take some time initially, it could prove well worth it later on. Think of all the stress it will create should an issue arise and you have no documentation that backs you up.


  1. Not to take it Personal

Separate work from home in order to keep stress levels down. you should never bring the daily stresses of the job home with you. You have enough to worry about while you are at school. Worrying about those problems at home will only create more stress and more importantly it can start to create issues with your family.


  1. Surround Yourself with Good People

When you inherit a building as a principal, chances are you are going to have a mix of some excellent teachers with some not so good teachers. Though it will take some time, you want to eventually weed out all the poor teachers and replace them with high quality teachers. Ultimately you are responsible for quality of education.


This article is inspired by, and contains excerpts from ThoughtCo website. Read the original article here.