Major Changes in School Education by HRD Ministry

By: Admin 08 May, 2017

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar inaugurated the North-Eastern Region workshop on 'Innovations and Best Practises in School Education' in Guwahati organised by the HRD ministry. While addressing the audience, he said that major changes have been brought about to improve the school education system in the country.


Class 10th Board Exams Mandatory

The Class 10th Board examinations, which had been made optional, are now again mandatory for all students. Parents are quite happy with this decision.

The Minister said, "We had a meeting of education ministers from all the states, wherein those from 25 states lamented that they were finding it difficult to improve the quality of education without examinations.”


Allowing Detainment in the same Class

  • This decision is something that the Ministry has been working on for a while now. Allowing detainment in the same class and reverting to examinations for assessing academic progress of students.
  • The Human Resources Development Minister said a student would be given two chances to pass, with one being in the first examination in March and the second one in June.
  • "If he/she fails there, he/she will be detained in the same class," he said.
  • On the demand of education ministers from all states, it was unanimously decided that the right to decide on detention will be left to the states and it will be done anytime soon, said HRD Minister Javadekar.

Updating NCERT Books

The Minister added that as NCERT books have not been revised since the last ten years, the HRD ministry has invited suggestions from teachers, parents and all other stakeholders to make changes in the lessons or certain paragraphs in the books. Stating that benchmark and learning capacity outcomes have been introduced for every class and monitored every year, the BJP leader said handbooks have been introduced for teachers to monitor every child and thus reach the benchmark.


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