How School-Wide Rewards help in maintaining decorum?

By: Admin 06 May, 2017

Principals shared a dozens of their ideas with Education World for rewarding students for a wide variety of behaviors.

Below are some of the ideas they shared.


Rewards for Uniforms


Periodically, the principal checks classrooms for students in proper uniform. If the entire classroom is in compliance, the class earns a special popcorn party. When a student exhibits good behavior, he or she might be given a reward for a day off from wearing a uniform. When the school attendance reaches above-average levels, a school-wide uniform-free day might be announced.

The Golden Dust Pan



This reward is for cleanliness. The trophy is a dust pan spray painted gold with ribbons and fancy lettering that is hung on the door of the neatest classroom for a week’s time. The next week, the class that gives up the award carries it to the new winners.


Books and Beasties


A woman carries on this well known Books and Beasties program near a school. She accepts donations of gently used books and gently used small stuffed animals or other appropriate toys. She matches each toy up with a book and puts them in a bag. These Books and Beasties serve as rewards for students who meet their monthly Reading goals; students get to select one of the Books and Beasties to keep. This not only motivates kids to meet their independent reading goals each month, but helps students create their own home libraries. Perhaps one of your schools business or community sponsors would consider organizing a similar program.


Students in the Spotlight


Each week or month pick a boy and a girl from each class level to be the Students in the Spotlight. They can get a coupon that enables them to be the monitor or class captain for a time period. Student winners are nominated by teachers and chosen at random.

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