5 Ideas to Inspire Today’s Kids to Read

By: Admin 03 May, 2017

Reading is one of the most important skills a child can be taught. It lays the foundation of a child’s future. For this reason, one of the most precious gifts you can give a child is a book. Books inspire imagination, creative thinking, and it will spark a love for reading that will become a lifelong relationship.


But how can we inspire today’s kids to read books in this age of technology?


Here are some ideas:


  1. Library in the classroom

Make your classroom library a warm and inviting place for your students. Adding a few personal touches would help even more. When you create a welcoming environment, students are more likely to want to spend time there. Empower your students by giving them the choice of their own reading material. There are so many books on so many topics, with varying characters, set in different places.


  1. Read to your Students

The best way to get your students to love books is to read to them.  Kids of all ages enjoy being read to.  Make the story fun by using different voices as your read.  You can even dress up in character to make the story really come alive.



  1. Book reports

Book reports are a great way for students to develop and practice their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. It also helps them explore new genres, share books with other people, and become passionate about reading. After they have read a book, ask them to write a short simple report on what they  think about the book and its characters.


  1. Silent whisper phones

Whisper phones are a great idea for students who have difficulty reading silently.  The whisper phones allow them to whisper into their phones while reading without disturbing those around them. They provided an incentive for reluctant readers.  The whisper phones also helped to improve their reading rate and fluency.


  1. Make it a game

The ultimate goal is to motivate kids to read. Little games are quite an effective way to encourage students. For example, the ‘My favorite book’ game. Select a child and allow him/her to sit in the author’s chair. Then ask him questions about why that particular book was a favorite, and what part did they like best. Then read parts of that book to the class. This inspires other students to also read that book and the goal is achieved.


Hope some of these strategies help!

Happy Reading.



This article has excerpts from Scholastic blog. Read the original here.