Mastering Classroom Discipline

By: Admin 27 April, 2017

When a new school year starts, all teachers have to establish a discipline policy in classroom. Students might be in a learning mood for the first couple of days but even that is not guaranteed. Kids nowadays are hyperactive and they may start acting out from the first moment of the first day.


So what can be done to ensure that there is discipline in the classroom?

Here are a few techniques to help!


  1. Notice of consequences

Have a public notice put up of the rules and consequences will ensure that all students in the class know the result of misbehaving or breaking the rules. Also, have some rewards for those who follow the rules. Kids get motivated if there is a prize or recognition involved. Putting up a poster for the rewards with the names of who got them in class is a wonderful idea.


  1. Make correct choices


Children should know that the punishment they are getting is because of the poor choices THEY made. Sometimes that is hard for students to fully grasp, so a gentle reminder about WHAT really happened, and WHY we are looking to take extra steps is imperative. You cannot change the behavior if the student thinks it is because the teacher is mean and likes to pick on kids.


  1. Create a set of rules with students

Many schools already have a set of rules in place for classroom discipline. This can be a good or a not so good thing. If the teacher has the liberty of setting their own rules, consider sitting down with students and involving them in this task. Students won’t say the rules are ‘stupid’ because they have created them too. Brainstorm a few ideas together and jot them down. In the end, group them together and repeat a few of the final version.


  1. Don’t be too hard on them

Keep in mind that students will always be harder on themselves than you probably would even be, so make sure to allow them some say, but feel free to let them know you still have the final word. When deciding punishments, intervene when they are getting carried away.


Discipline can be such a hard thing to master in the classroom, but a super important tool for the new teachers. Building up a set of rules and consequences is crucial.



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