CBSE Scraps Moderation Scheme, no more grace marks

By: Admin 26 April, 2017

In a major decision, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) yesterday has scrapped the moderation policy under which grace marks are given to students in exams for difficult questions. The scrapping of the moderation of marks would lead to lower cut-offs in college admission. The decision came in after a high-level meeting was held in the national capital organised by the CBSE and attended by School Education Secretary Anil Swarup.


  • CBSE has scrapped moderation of marks policy where ‘grace marks’ are given to students in difficult questions.

  • This decision was taken at a high level meeting organised by CBSE.

  • The moderation of marks is a common practice adopted to "bring uniformity in the evaluation process".

  • This practice has been blamed for inflation of results across school boards.

Reason behind this decision?

The move comes after CBSE requested MHRD to develop a consensus on completely removing the marks moderation policy so that the process of getting admissions gets easier.

The CBSE has opined that a unilateral scrapping of the policy would put its students at a disadvantage during undergraduate admissions and considered it important that all state boards agree to it,  as reported by PTI.


Moderation of marks has been blamed for inflation of results across school boards. Further, 32 school boards have agreed to scrap the policy of "marks moderation" from this year.

However, the practice of awarding grace marks will continue to ensure that a student clears an exam if he or she needs a few marks to do so.



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