Private Schools Defying CBSE rules?

By: Admin 20 April, 2017

Some schools are still prescribing books by private publishers instead of NCERT books. More than 60 parents gathered outside Indirapuram Public School in Pratap Vihar on Sunday morning to demand a rollback of fee hike, discontinuation of annual charges, regularisation of NCERT books and reduction in the admission fee.


  • Parents are complaining that private schools are still prescribing books from private publishers even after the new CBSE rule which says all schools are to follow only NCERT books.
  • The private publisher books are costlier than the NCERT books, a burden on parents’ pockets.
  • Also, the curriculum of these private books does not match with NCERT books.
  • Private schools also make it compulsory to buy books and uniform from vendors at the school who charge comparatively very high prices, parents say.

The parents complained that a lot of private schools, including Indirapuram Public School, have been prescribing books by private publishers, instead of NCERT books. The costs of these course books is much higher than that of the NCERT books while the curriculum also does not match, the protesters said.


The parents also claimed the school has made it mandatory to buy books and uniform from the vendors at the school. "These vendors charge much higher for the uniform and books which are available at a reasonable price in other shops. ," a parent said.


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