Private schools to submit complete fee structure within 15 days

By: Admin 15 April, 2017

The new government in the state, led by chief minister Yogi Adityanath, has asked all the private schools to submit details of the fees charged from students, payments made to teachers and other infrastructure details to education department within 15 days. They have also been asked to submit details of all other allowances charged from students and give information regarding any commercial activity taking place on school campuses.


District inspector of schools (DIoS) Umesh Tripathi circulated this letter to school managements during a meeting of school principals and representatives of private schools held at the office of district magistrate on Wednesday.


  • New Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi Adityanath is acting tough on private schools charging high fees.
  • All private schools have to submit the details of their fee structure within 15 days, including payments to teachers and other allowances.
  • School representatives said that fees should be decided according to infrastructure and learning levels provided by the school.
  • They also said if teachers are to be paid a good salary, then students will be charged higher fees.

Presenting their point, the school representatives said, “The government had issued an order in 1990 that the private schools pay salaries equivalent to government scales. In order to ensure a good infrastructure and allow salary hikes annually for teachers, the schools have no other option but to charge from students.”


Quoting the government expenditure per child in government schools, Rishi Khanna, representative from City Montessori School said, “The government spends around Rs 2300 per child in a month. This is exclusive of the mid day meal. The government has tax payers’ money, but the private schools have to charge it from students.”



This news has been taken from Hindustan Times. Read the original article here.