CBSE junks Principal Eligibility Test for school principals

By: Admin 28 January, 2017

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has junked the Principal Eligibility Test (PET) but the veto in appointments will lie with the government-appointed members.The newly amended rules in this regard will be announced very soon, according to a top CBSE official.

Sources confirmed that the CBSE is amending its Governing Body’s December 20 decision on the appointment of school principals in private schools affiliated to it had made it mandatory for all appointed and to be appointed school principals to clear Principal Eligibility Test (PET). However, principals of government-run CBSE schools were exempted from this regulation.

A CBSE official confirmed Express that the Board is relooking at the decision taken by its Governing Body regarding the appointment of school principals to over 10,000 private schools affiliated to its board.The CBSE spokesperson, however, refused to comment on the development. She said that the CBSE is working on finalizing the amendment of its affiliation by-laws.

Earlier on December 20, the CBSE’s GB had decided that private schools can only appoint principals who clear the Principal Eligibility Test (PET). The appointments would also have to be approved by the representatives of the CBSE and state government.Top government sources said the government has come under pressure from various quarters, alleging government’s over dominance and taking away the autonomy of schools. This he said has pushed the CBSE to relook at its GB’s decision on the appointment of principals.A top government official pointed out that in all probability, the issue could be challenged before the court of law and so CBSE made it a point to relook at it before finalizing on the amendment of its affiliation by-laws.

Minus PET, the GB’s new rules, however, have kept the veto for appointment of school principals with the government’s representatives, after complaints that many CBSE affiliated schools have principals, who are either part of the family running the school or the owner self.

The managing committee of the school can nominate a person to the panel only after consulting with the CBSE. Also, there would now be two more persons on the panel, one nominated by the CBSE and the other by the state government. Both these members would have veto powers. The CBSE is amending its affiliation by-laws to this effect.

Candidates rejected by these representatives cannot be appointed as principals.Earlier, the selection committee for choosing a school principal comprised the president of the society, the chairperson of the managing committee and a person having experience of administration of schools, nominated by the managing committee


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