Customizing school curriculum - What’s Special ? Meet our Finnish Experts!!

By: Admin 04 April, 2017

In Finland, the renewed National Core Curriculum was introduced with very broad national guidelines in 1994. Working became more interactive and cooperative. Head teachers and teachers were inspired; finally they had influence on the whole education system. They also felt that their expertise was valued, appreciated and utilized in developing processes at both the national and the local level.

  • Every local authority and school are expected to draw up their own specific curriculum on the basis on it. The idea was that local needs could be better taken into consideration, and that special features of a school and its surroundings could be made use of in teaching and learning.
  • Development of the core curriculum through a process of collaboration between national and local authorities is a highly developed practice. This has afforded a shift in the focus of curriculum development towards the structure of the curriculum and its pedagogical functionality.

To get the real, In - hand experience of the specialised teacher training schools, the strategies followed by the Finnish schools and universities and their implementation, Eduexcellence is taking a batch of 30 school heads from across India to Finland & UK from May 1 - May 10, 2018.



Some of the experts involved in the Finland program are :



Ms. Tiina Raatikainen


Tiina Raatikainen (M.Ed) is an experienced teacher and a pedagogical resource expert in the field of content and language integrated teaching and learning (CLIL) as well as a tutor to teacher students. She is well experienced in working in multiprofessional teams in developing education, teaching practices, teachers, professional skills, curriculum, and classroom.

Over her career, she has been involved in several pilot projects developing new educational approaches to the Finnish schools and to the skill set of Finnish teachers together with school communities and the University of Jyväskylä.

During her career, besides working in Finland, she has worked in the international school in Beijing and most recently in an Emirati-Finnish partnership project in developing the Abu Dhabi education system and practices. Therefore, she is also well experienced with working in multicultural environments with students and experts from all over the world and from different cultural backgrounds.


Ms. Anni Karhunen


Anni Karhunen is experienced in International Communications. She has a Master’s degree in Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies from the University of Tampere, and she has studied Linguistics and Education at the University of Jyväskylä. Ms Karhunen has previously worked with diverse expert tasks in the public sector and been involved in challenging EU project management work in the NGO sector.


At EduCluster Finland, Ms Karhunen is in charge of coordination and hosting tasks for visitor groups. Her work further entails marketing and communications.



Takeaways for School Heads:

After Finland’s bold step to restructure or decentralize its education system during 1990’s, Finland has been consistently at the top since 2000 in all the major international assessment systems. Some of the factors responsible for this education revolution are:

  • The unparalleled autonomy, respect and trust provided to its teacher.

  • The preemptive and proactive support (Individualized Education Plan) provided to every Student.

  • The freedom given to every school to draw their own curriculum on broad guidelines of Finland’s Core Curriculum.

  • National Board of Education Cultural transformation in the system.

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