Too Many Decisions? CBSE Notice Board Overflows

By: Admin 29 March, 2017

Is the recent storm of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) circulars leaving schools and parents confused? The answer could be yes, given the Board’s March 16 advisory to school heads to “familiarise themselves with the content (of its circulars) in the light of the confusion created by some of the schools with regard to the recent circulars issued by CBSE”. The fact that a two-semester system for Classes 6 to 8 was announced soon after on March 21, seems to have added to the chaos.

Here is a list of all CBSE’s major announcements of 2017:

  • On January 31st, CBSE announced the return of mandatory Class 10th Board Examinations from the 2017-18 session itself.

  • On March 9th, for Class 10th a sixth vocational subject was added to the five (two languages, science, social science and mathematics) being studied currently.

  • On March 9th, CBSE dropped 7 electives and 34 vocational courses for Classes 11th and 12th because of low enrolment.

  • On March 15th, announcement said that marks of Class 9 would not be included in the Class 10 grade sheet cum certificate of performance.

  • On March 15th, schools have been directed to submit CCE result data online to the Board.

  • On March 21st, Board announced a two-semester system from Class 6 onwards with half-yearly and annual examinations. Also, assessment systems and report cards (with CBSE logo) would be uniform in all schools so that students do not have problems in migration.

Teachers had been overworked with the constant evaluation through CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) system. A Kendriya Vidyalaya teacher said, “Now we are back to the old Board system again, but I don’t understand why this has been done. And what happens if a new government after the next Parliamentary elections decides to change the examination system again? What will the poor students do?”

“Hopefully my school will make this clear soon,” she said. Changes in courses, marks distribution in CCE and the Board systems were easy to understand, but now this has all changed. The teachers are looking up to their school’s Principal for guidance. Implementing all the new changes while keeping the transition easy for teachers and students is definitely going to be a challenge for School Heads.

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